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Msg91- Bulk SMS

Reach your perfect target

Because you have reached here, you will never have to look for another service provider ever.

Various Gadgets and ways are available to promote and communicate to the mass - Posters, Banners, Newspaper Ads, and Hoardings. Here comes the 'but'. Do all these help you reach your target audience?

Client Challenges

  • Damn, why the panel is changing with services?
  • Hard to understand and extra complex portal
  • Can there be Single interface, multiple providers?
  • I need White label solutions that are perfect.
  • It's hard to expect fast delivery and accurate reports

We are the Solvents

  • Single Panel, various services
  • Techno-friendly Solutions
  • Admin Panel Solutions to manage multiple providers
  • Easy to implement White label solutions
  • Excellent delivery with accuracy

Save and Search

Give full-stop to your RE-searching while you are surfing

You don't need to research the content you have already looked for. One time search and save it with save & search to avoid finding it all through again.

Let's go Hunting, anytime, anywhere. It's time to end your 'find out again' search, because you have already searched for it dude...Its' time you save to search it again… yeah, go for it because you have saved your search on:

Client Challenges

  • Why do I search it again on Google?
  • Where the hell did I save it? Was it in that folder or that mail?
  • Hectic day at work, I won't search again now…
  • Damn, it wasn't my job, but I will have to search
  • Wdon't want my colleagues to be dependent on me and my searches, can I save it
  • I don't want my colleagues to be dependent on me and my searches, can I save it publicly?
  • It's a shared computer, how do I save it privately?

We are the Solvents

  • No more pen and paper to save on
  • Tomorrow's search is saved today
  • Absolutely! You don't need to Google again
  • Make it public; make it private - upon you!
  • It's not tedious now. No folders, no files
  • Wow! No sign-up to use.
  • Recommend to a friend instantly

Giddh - Accounting at its rough!

Your business reach the Skies with - Giddh

It's all about the book keeping when you think of profits. Giddh has made accounting easy for you. Just login & manage your accounts. Still you find it difficult? Don't worry; Giddh team will take your entire load to maintain it.

Client Challenges

  • Fed up of complex accounting soft wares
  • Focus on business? Or Focus on books?
  • Not from commerce stream, how do I go with accounts?
  • Born Business person but no technical knowledge
  • Can't afford expensive accountants
  • Is it safe?

We are the Solvents

  • User Friendly accounting software
  • We do it all; you can now focus on business.
  • No Accounting Jargons
  • Your personal guide to software usage
  • Cost- effective Accountant
  • Highly secure Accounting


A telephone directory or section of a directory where the names of people are listed along with their telephone numbers; just imagine… if you get it virtual! The mainstream benefit will be if you get an option to make it public or private. Along with the phonebook you get to call through the IP.

PHONE91 offers serving that are:

  • Easily accessible online
  • Virtual phone book along with VoIP
  • Option to make it private as well as public
  • Relatively low in price

Simulated on a computer or on-line rather than really existing is the idea behind PHONE 91. It acts as a Virtual phonebook i.e. in easy reach of anyone who has got access to internet. Not only the phonebook, but PHONE 91 also allows you to transmit Voice over Internet protocol, widely known as VoIP.

It is a set of facilities used to manage the delivery of voice information in digital form in distinct packets rather than by using the conventional circuit-committed protocols. A major advantage of VoIP is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone service. It is much cheaper in comparison to any other Voice calling service.


All the way to Google for searching domain name instantly? Walkover has brought you a Google Talk friend to look for the domain availability when you are in the mid of the road. Search for it, get it in the history & set an alert for it

Client Challenges

  • Hectic knocking off search
  • Anytime, anywhere search shall be so convenient
  • I doubt the credibility
  • Where do I look for my past search
  • When will the domain expire that I need

we are the Solvents

  • Easy access to search
  • Instantly search for domain name
  • You can trust your Gtalk Friend, real time friend
  • Easily accessible history of previous search
  • Alert facility when domain gets free

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