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1 quote to ponder over this week

"People have a lot to say about lives, (that they’ve never lived)."

3 lessons I learned today

  1. If you are appreciating someone, it is not that you are doing them some good, it is because that person is worth appreciating. 

  2. If someone is hurt by what you said or did, even though it was not your intention to hurt them, they have the right to feel bad about it.

  3. It’s the weekend...rest it out

BTW did you know there are like 7 kinds of rest a person needs...

  1. Physical- sleeping, napping, breathing exercises, hot baths, massages

  2. Mental- Give yourself mental breaks- meditate, focus on one thing at a time

  3. Emotional- Establish & maintain boundaries

  4. Spiritual- Connect with the higher force

  5. Social- Differentiate between relationships that drain & that restore

  6. Sensory- Unplug, give your senses a break

  7. Creative- Try to build sabbaticals- minutes or weeks or months

That’s a lot of rest needed… 

but not this weekend...

Your parents have been waiting for the weekend for you to help them with your house chores :P

Do your best.jpg

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

Go get them!



Be it in personal life or professional life, there come challenges when you believe there are only 2 ways-
1. Agree & be quiet 😶
2. Disagree & create more challenges 😬

We all at some point might have done both, but there’s this third-way out

3. The act of detaching 💡

Understanding that it is just a bad day, tomorrow will bring in a new perspective. 

It will be okay in the end.jpg
Photo by Paolo Bendandi on Unsplash

What you can only do is give in your 100% & leave the rest (just don't follow this advice when you are donating blood 😅).

Self-awareness is the key.🔐 
Another key is switching your focus.🔐 
वैसे ज्ञान तो सबके पास है, उस पर अमल करना is the 3rd key🔑 

And that’s completely in your hand or rather mind.
जब तक we learn the art & science of it, let’s just enjoy some funny ज्ञान

Soup of the day: Champagne 🍾


Not every situation deserves your attention 💡

How many of you agree? Life is as simple or as complex as your thoughts. 🤔

Maybe not now, but as we experience life in diverse situations, we realise, it actually is about the mindset.

And happiness is a mindset 🕵

Everything has two sides- either you crib and do it or you smile and do it- your choice.

Come to think of it, everything is a choice- not necessarily yours; some things people choose for us, some things we choose for ourselves, some things God chooses for us. 

The only thing is, do we accept that choice?

Happiness is a choice! 📌

Happy & Thankful.jpg

Why not choose to be happy & grateful 🍻



Did you know?

-Lights make a big impact on happiness 💡

-Over-happy people make more mistakes 😅

-Social networking can erode our happiness 😬


This I’m sure most of us will relate to 💯

-Building something makes us love it more

-Happiness is a natural stress reliever

Water is the basis of all life, including happiness 🌊

-Dehydration brings down our happiness

Drink more water.jpg

There are plenty of things that bring us joy and there are unexpected ways to gain happiness. The most simple being-

-Breathing mindfully

-Eating well

-Exercising regularly

-Spending time with loved ones

-Keeping faith

Ganpati Bappa Morya.jpg

“गणपति बप्पा मोरया, मंगळमूर्ती मोरया, पुढ़च्यावर्षी लवकरया” 🙏


We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Do you agree❓

Most of us are practical people. Life teaches us to be so. 😅

But don’t you feel being too practical makes life dry. There has to be a certain dreaminess, certain spontaneity to keep that spark alive. ✨ 

What else keeps the spark alive- LOVE ❤

You know na love makes the world go round 

Even Modern Love 

People say, love has no language, but this quiz here says otherwise. Find out what your love language is.

There’s another language that the entire 🌍 understands- the language of KINDNESS. 

Rumi Quote.jpg

Never miss an opportunity to be kind or tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. 🙋

Have a great weekend, see ya Monday 🎉
कभी सोचा है 

The foods that are sweet spoil our health and the things that are bitter like medicine help us get better. 

What an irony. 🙃

When it comes to examples of irony, life proves stranger and funnier than fiction. 

But it is TIME that is the strangest and funniest of all. It just keeps moving. 🕛🕒🕕🕘🕛

Right here right now है ख़ुशी का समा,

हम है इस पल जहाँ, भूल जाओ मुस्कुराओ रह ना जाए बात बाकी! 😅

बातें तो बहुत हैं पर वक़्त कम हैं

So for all the busy people here are a few time-saving tech tips and for all the people who believe in superstitions, today is Friday the 13th 😱

Tomorrow Saturday the 14th and then this

15th August marks our country’s 75th Independence Day🏳

75 years of freedom and with freedom, as we all Walkers understand, comes responsibility. 💯

Create Solve Act.jpg

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Happy Independence Day! जय हिन्द



अभी तो बारिश भी है 🌧

So what to do when it’s a rainy weekend?

Go for a long drive, dance in the rain, enjoy गरम चाय & पकोड़ा ☕ or cold beers 🍻

Ever noticed, it’s the small things in life that give us the most happiness. 

All it takes is being aware to take notice of these beautiful little things & once we develop that awareness, we are awed & inspired by the smallest of things. 

How do we develop this awareness? 🔐

जे  मैं  तेनु बाहर  ढूंढा 

ते  मेरे  अंदर  कौन  समाया?

जे  मैं  तेनु  अंदर  ढूंढा 

ते  बाहर  किसदी माया?

We pay too much attention to people & things around us, not enough to ourselves

do be do be do.jpg

See ya Monday 💡🎆



Thank You, Please, Sorry, It’s Okay, I Feel You ❤

These are the most simple words but are extraordinarily powerful. Use them often!

What else do we use often- our brain- to overthink 🤔

Did you know it is one of the things that can be a deal-breaker in your newfound relationship? You might be sabotaging your appeal without even realising it. 

And, if you are trying to get into a relationship but don’t know where to start, here are some cute pick-up lines to kick off the conversation ✋

BTW, 'You can’t spell quarantine without “U R A Q T.”’😎

Words, they have so much power :P

Here’s to the power of words & good vibes

Good vibes always!.jpg


This is what happens when all (some) of us meet (even virtually); we learn, share ideas, express concerns, speed up our progress and this is what we need to do- in life 📌

We all know, but tend to forget- it’s all in the mind. 

  • Nobody is pushing you
  • Take it easy
  • Manage your time
  • Set your priorities
  • Understand your happiness

But let’s not talk about all this and focus on what’s next:

The Weekend 🎉

So let’s see what’s open- well everything on Saturday, Sunday curfew means chillax at home & on Monday pepped up to be at work👔

मौसम भी है, mask भी है, मस्ती तो चलती ही रहती है!

So if you are planning to go for a long drive, मगर ज़्यादा दूर नहीं जाना तो these places are not very far, और अगर शहर में ही रहना है तो, 

घर पर रहो सुरक्षित रहो  😂

Don’t like the vibe of the city you are in? Let’s see which city you belong to. It’s just a quiz, but you never know, 

What you seek is seeking you!.jpg

What else are you seeking? 


Some crazy fun


Grab it, it’s right there, inside of you❤



How about we do stupid things, laugh ourselves silly, act crazy, basically have some fun 🐒

Let’s start with a lie detector test. Can you pass it?

Now that you know where you stand, let’s look at some of your other traits, this time according to your zodiac 🌟

Zodiac logo.png

Source: Adobe

Now let’s see what your sun sign says about the kind of drunk you are👔


Mine is so true, never drunk enough; but I sure know how to mix up some mean cocktails. BTW tomorrow is Gin Day 🍹

Yep, हर drink का दिन आता है! यकीन नहीं होता? Read on about Drinking Celebration

What else is there to celebrate? 

“Be the celebrators, celebrate! Already there is too much—the flowers have bloomed, the birds are singing, the sun is there in the sky—celebrate it!

You are breathing and you are alive and you have consciousness, celebrate it!”

― Osho

Until further notice, celebrate everything 🎆



Bonne Soiree 👒

Tell me something

Are you always elated, excited, full of enthusiasm? 🤔

Don’t think it’s possible for any of us to always be in a positive mode (माल excluded :P), also, it’s unnatural.

Did you know, what our balanced state of life is, neither being sad nor being happy. It is of being सम- समानता or equable🙃

We cannot be sad or happy for long. We come back to being in the state of सम.

Every emotion we feel is like energy, it flows, and the flow can be high or low. And, it is in our hands, or rather mind, to control the flow.

Similarly, it is in our hands to lead a healthy, happy life. Everything we do matters; our daily habits, sleeping pattern, diet, exercise, our thoughts, our energy; all of it can be managed for a better today & tomorrow. 🙌

But sometimes, even when we try to do our best, be at our best, in whatever ways we can, we still feel incomplete. As if, something inside is missing. Do you know what it is?

Rumi quotes.jpg

It is our connection with the self, the soul, the more it grows, the more we feel complete & आहिस्ता आहिस्ता we learn to enjoy every minute of our life.

Don’t wait for something external to make you happy, that too in the future, if this, then that, doesn’t work. 🔮

Time is live...चले तो कट ही जाएगा! 




Coz s/he can win it even before you finish typing the first line. 😂

This is another reason why we keep stressing about typing skills :P

You know there are things we know, but it is only when we experience them that it hits. Don’t we know how anger is bad for us, it disturbs us, the माहौल, वातावरण, blah blah blah...But now read this

"For every minute you remain anxious, you lose 60 seconds of your peace of mind."

Did it hit? बहुत hard 🎯

There’s one more thing that hit me hard...everyone in the world is looking for the key to SUCCESS & look what I found 😝

Key to Success.jpg

On a serious note, whatever we want to experience or achieve, including success, we play an integral part in making it possible, despite all external circumstances.

डरता है रातों का अंधेरा, दुम दबाके वो तो भागेगा जब आयेगा सवेरा ,

आसमा में सुराख़ तू बना ले, उस पर ही तो है न दिन का बसेरा!

Gautam Buddha said, "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."🕯

Take a deep breath, inhale-exhale, now do it again with your eyes closed. Be happy wherever you are, with whatever you have, know at this moment, it is enough.

And, remember to say thankyou

Give thanks.jpg

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash     



All izz well!

Easier said than done, but then, isn’t it right?

We have to be aware, feel blessed, stay grateful & not listen to the chaos 🙉🙏

The Dalai Lama said, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.", and, this is what most people want in these times, a little kindness, empathy & the right information. 🕵

There’s a lot of info coming in from everywhere, but is that info correct for you?

Just don’t follow everything blindly, think about it, talk to people whom you know have been through what you are going through now, don’t make hasty decisions.

Again, easier said than done, but one thing I realized in the past couple of days, decisions that are taken together, एक दुसरे की सलाह से, tend to be the first step in the right direction.

Also, we need at least 1 person in our close proximity who has the ability to look at the brighter side; you be that person for your people.


Anthony Garand on Unsplash

We are in the middle of a storm, that nobody knows till when it will last, so what do we do?

One thing, not overthink. 🙏

Are you an overthinker? Take this quiz to find out 🤔

You know there are only a few things we can do-

-Eat well

-Sleep right


-Take care of our loved ones & tell everyone around us, all izz well.  



Happy Morning 🌅

क्या आप इंतज़ार कर रहे थे 🤔

सच बताऊ तो आज inspiration ही नहीं आ रहा था…the times are so uncertain, again, it’s like things are coming close.

Just wondering, are we thankful enough for every breath we take, every experience we have, every memory we hold? Think about it! 🙏

Also, think about when was the last time you did something that made you feel elated?

Tried a new recipe; learnt to play a new tune; watered your garden; started a new exercise regime; finished reading a book. 

What was it that you felt? Joy, content, happiness…


We feel such positive emotions only when we do what we enjoy, so what is it that is stopping us from enjoying?

The rising numbers or the uncertainty over lockdown😷 

जो भी होगा सबके लिए ही होगामारे हाथ में बस इतना है की हम सावधानी बरते औरअपना और अपने करीबी लोगो का ध्यान रखे!

So what are your plans for this weekend?

How about binge watch/read?

Hindi: 3 Idiots, PK, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara

English: The Intern, Catch Me If You Can, Forest Gump

Series: The Serpent, The Spy, Friends

Book: P.S. I Love You, Message In A Bottle, The Kite Runner

Play some board games, card games, take a detox from your devices, enjoy a long bath, follow intermittent fasting, catch up on your sleep, pamper yourself, meditate, explore, travel…just do what makes your soul happy 💝

Have a relaxing & rejuvenating weekend🤗 



Holi falling on a long weekend is so WOW, but Sunday curfew, uncertainties over Saturday & Monday is so NOW 😏

वैसे ही there are a lot of things to fuss over, don’t need to do it over what to do or not do. Just chill maadi 🤓

Let's make some plans for Holi 💮

Travelling this weekend 🛫? Holi in India is celebrated like crazy & here are the 10 best places to observe the Holi festivities

For those of you who weren’t sure of travelling earlier but now wish to take a quick break, here’s where you can head off for the weekend to places near Indore 🚗

And, if travelling is not on your mind but you don’t want the long weekend to just go by here’s a list of activities to enjoy without putting pressure on your wallet 🎤📺📚💃

Whatever you do or not do, just take it easy so you start the Chaitra New Year on a high note.


Photo by Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash

Have a colourful weekend!

होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 🙏



How do you feel when you are unwell or injured? It hurts, is distracting & keeps you from things that you enjoy, right.

The same things you go through when you have a strained relationship, but this time all this is internal 😢

Time for some RICE

Food 🍲does take our mind away, but it is a temporary solution. We're talking about

R- Rest- Take a break or time-out to reflect on how you feel

I- Interest- After the break, engage with the person with a curiosity to understand their feelings

C- Compassion- Try to stand in the other person’s shoes

E- Empathy- Sympathy leads to listening but empathy leads to understanding & engaging

After some soul food, it is time for some real food...summers are upon us & so is the heat 😎


Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

-Start your day with warm water, lemon & honey, include fresh 🍉🍇🍍🍋 in your breakfast

-Lunch & dinner should include seasonal vegetables, pulses, grains

-Go for healthy snacking options & in between the day top yourself up with lassi, sugar cane juice, vegetable juice, kairi panna & of course plenty of water🏺

Like you carry your mask & sanitiser, also carry a bottle of water. This will keep your body cool & for those who also want to keep your mind cool 🙈🙉🙊

  1. Connect with your breath- A few deep breaths & you are back 😇

  2. Give yourself a squeeze- tense all your body parts, hold on for a few seconds & release 😌

  3. Splash some cold water on your face🚿

  4. Stare out the window 🌉

  5. Just get out into nature- sun, air, water, flora, fauna🌻

  6. Enjoy a hearty laugh- it’s just a bad time, not life🙌

The past few days have been trying & testing...kudos to Team MSG91 as they handled everything so gracefully 👏




How do you feel when someone behaves in a certain way & you’re like what have I done :P

Know this, how someone treats us is not about us, it is a reflection of what’s going on inside them.

Most things in most cases can be sorted by talking it out or by listening 🙌

But then there’s also another part to it...some people have a problem for every solution 😢 Look inside & around, are there any people you know who are like that. Let them be!

Always remember, the grass is greener where you water it, put your efforts & energies into building yourself 🙈🙉🙊


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

What’s stopping you? Work?

You know you can work from anywhere, take inspiration from our very own people who are working & chilling & learning. 

We are a lucky lot, all we need to do is understand that whatever we are doing, it is for our own self.

Like we take ownership of our family, our work, we also need to take ownership of our decisions, our happiness, our life.

Success is the sum of small efforts 🍻




There are just very few feelings that are intense & overwhelming-

one is love 💞 the other one, stress 😱

Stress not only kills health & well-being it also kills our happiness, especially at work. And when we are unhappy at work, we often become disengaged & toxic to others.

Just know, stress kills, happiness heals, but the main question is how to manage stress? 

Well, there’s no definitive answer for it, and even if there were, it is not necessary that if it works for you, it’ll work for me.

We all individually have to fight our battles, and before that find the resources that can help us win this battle.


Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Love indeed...it’s the month of love, Valentine’s Day is here, have you made plans yet?

Here are some cute date ideas.

But what about Mojito, that’s also important :P

Well, we’ve got that covered too...make your own cocktail.

Cheers to you, your valentine & your happiness💘🍻



Happiness is all about maintaining it; following small steps that lead to everyday positivity that can include

  • Pursuing your dream

  • Practising self-love

  • Volunteering

  • Distancing yourself from negativity-people, places, incidences 

  • Being an optimist

  • Living a minimalist life...

A simple question

How do we stay away from negativity? 🙃

Staying away from negativity is not possible, but what is possible is staying positive even when there is negativity around. Take a cue from the recent example of how Team India 🏏created history even amid such negativity.

And living a minimalist life?

Minimalism is a tool that can help us simplify our lives by stripping away the excess so we could focus on what’s truly important.

Let’s start with food 🍱- how about fasting this weekend- 48 hours to be exact.

Whatever lessons the pandemic has given us, one I’m sure we all agree on- we don’t need much to lead a healthy happy life.  🙌


Photo by Paolo Bendandi on Unsplash



P.S. Happy 72nd Republic Day; let’s all say our prayers for all the lives lost and be grateful for everything we have 🙏


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 🎇

So we keep talking about happiness and how we need to train our minds to be happy, but the question remains, what is happiness 🤔

Tell me if you agree or disagree,

Happiness is a state of mind and is not dependent on people or situations.

And, to lead a happy life we don’t need to do anything extra, but whatever we do- breathe, eat, exercise, work, relax, explore- be mindful & grateful. 🙌

“A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

So what plans for this weekend?

There's this serene Kheoni wildlife sanctuary just 130 km from Indore that is home to 125 species of 🕊, 🐆 and commonly found carnivores & herbivores.

Where else can you chill...Gulawat valley, 40 km from Indore is this beautiful lake filled with lotus🌷

Now let's see what your new year is filled with 😎.

Let’s play a happy silly game...the first 3 words you see might define your new year :P


Whatever we see, it will only define us if we work for it. Let's find our happiness, we deserve it 🍻



P.S. How are you progressing in your pursuit of happiness?


Don’t confuse this laughing with coughing 🎅

So it’s the last week of 2020; breathing a sigh of relief, are we?

The year passed away in a jiffy, but what a crazy, eventful year. A lot of losses, a lot of learning and a whole lot of ❤.

So what was the 1 resolution that you took at the beginning of 2020 and saw it through? And, what is your resolution for 2021?

Whatever it is, make sure it involves happiness and wellness.

Coming to wellness, a few of us attended ‘Beyond Breath’ and here are my 2 learnings

  1. We should be mindful of our actions  

  2. Whatever we do, do it consistently

Well, I have a question, not that any of you reply to me :P, but if you think about what I have to say, it’s half the battle won. 

We aspire to do so many things and sometimes it is time, sometimes laziness, sometimes other important things that we keep using as an excuse to postpone it


You want to do it for yourself, so what’s stopping you 🤔

Let’s do an exercise, I’ve written 2 things in 'Small Steps To Happiness' I always wanted to do but somehow it doesn’t reach my priority list. Now it’s your turn, just 2 things and how do you plan to achieve it. 

Tip: Write small goals; they are easier to achieve :P

💡BTW, did you recognise your Secret 🎅?

So last time I asked you to share pictures of what adds to your happiness. 

We've got some love from Mohit Mehroliya & Mona Gupta

Every week Mohit and his friends get together for a cricket match. And Mona loves gardening.

Exercise, friends, commitment, efforts, greens...all add up to happiness.

A gentleman's game.jpg

Mona's garden.jpg

What adds to your happiness? Share.

Till then, tis the season to be jolly

Wishing you & your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year 🎄 🍻 🎉

Be kind, spread cheer, live well 🤗




you’re good at; world needs; rewarding?

So we’re talking about IKIGAI 🙌

It’s what you do, every day, that’s meaningful to you & others. 

The Ikigai map has 4 directions to follow

  1. Do what you love

  2. Do what you’re good at

  3. Do what the world needs

  4. Do what you can be rewarded for

We all have an Ikigai, we just have to look deeper to find it. Let's start by understanding

  • You are not your job, you are your work.

  • Take your pleasure seriously.

  • When you find things that you enjoy, do them.


So what do you enjoy, what adds to your happiness?

Send us your picture of your happy moments, be it reading 📚, trying your hands at cooking 🍲, playing a sport🏈 , exercising, gardening, working...anything that adds up to your happiness, helps you find your everyday purpose 😎

Are you happy in this moment?

Remember, life is just a collection of moments. Take action :P



P.S. Heartiest Congratulations & Best Wishes to the Newlyweds 💐🤗 

Palash Monika

Surabhi Mayank

Damini Rahul


COVID की हवा कभी नरम, कभी गरम

COVID की हवा कभी नरम, कभी गरम, नरम, गरम, नरम, गरम 😬

अरे बच के रहना जी🙏

So what plans for this weekend?

घर पर रहिये सुरक्षित रहिये & enjoy laughter therapy :p

What else can you do? Get inspired by binge-watching Mega Icons on Disney+Hotstar


Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash  

और क्या है इस weekend 🤔

दामिनी की शादी 💒

Heartiest congratulations to Damini & Rahul 💐✨🤗



दिवाली कब आयी कुछ पता ही नहीं लगा!

Everyone has these same sentiments, it’s such a different kind of Diwali this year. ✨

But what we all are missing is, we are with our loved ones, happy & safe & celebrating in whatever best way we can. 🙌


Photo by Lloyd Aloysius on Unsplash

We are fighters, adapters, we can mold ourselves in ways we never thought possible. This Diwali let’s all do our bit of making it beautiful for others. 

Consider the needs of people, animals & nature and keep it an eco-friendly Diwali 🎇

आपको और आपके परिवार को Walkover परिवार की और से दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये 🙏🤗🌟

Spread cheer & share love!



Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful woman with her moral husband & her courageous bro-in-law. An intelligent egoistic man fell for the woman and due to his one vice, he is still put at an altar every year & torched. 🔥👹💥

Is it ever said- it happened because of the woman’s beauty;

We all agree- it was the man’s fault;

So why in today’s world- it is the women that are blamed? 

The most hurtful thing is that even women like to put other women down.

Ladies, we rise by lifting others! ✨

We celebrate & worship women during Navratri, but it is the same women we disrespect every other day in so many forms.

She is powerful yet she seeks your validation,

she has needs yet she keeps your needs ahead of her,

she is wild yet she keeps herself tamed.

It is not about how you treat women outside, it begins from your very own home, how you treat the woman sitting infront of you.🙌

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

When things change inside you, things change around you :)

So it’s the time of the year to put all evils at end, including the cobwebs 🕸 :P bring out all your brooms & paintbrushes & get cleaning. 👔

How’s your सफाई अभियान going 😰 

Now that we all are home, parents, partners all would expect you to lend a hand. Don’t worry, we have a few tips & tricks for easy cleaning.

Also, this is the time of the year we all go all out for shoppings, celebrations, make the most out of the festive season, but as we all know

घर पर रहे सुरक्षित रहे & if stepping out you know what to do :P

और हा Modiji बोलके गए ना- 'जब तक दवाई नहीं, तब तक ढिलाई नहीं।

What is important is not to fight, but to fight the right enemy. Fight your own evil!

May the 9 avatars of Maa Durga bless you with 9 qualities – power, happiness, humanity, peace, knowledge, devotion, name, fame, health.

Happy Vijayadashami 🎆



Que tal ✋

Let’s share secrets! 🕶

Most of us are looking for a secret. Can you guess what? Right

The secret to SUCCESS. 🙌

Have you ever thought about what success means to you? 

  • Is it an x amount of money

  • A certain position 

  • Some aspirations 

  • Reputation

  • Helping around

Success holds different meanings for different people, your idea of success might be different than your friend’s & so on. But here we are talking success in the relation to work.

And here’s what “successful people” say is the secret to success.

  1. Passion 

  2. Ideas

  3. Work

  4. Focus

  5. Persist

  6. Push

  7. Serve

  8. Value

So it’s not one or two but it’s all eight qualities that work together.😎 Let’s look for what we are missing & work towards it. 

So now that the secret is out, let’s talk about how are we stepping out?

We all know what to do, but just a reminder 😬

Wear a mask, carry a sanitiser, maintain distance.

So about distance- you know, “distance doesn’t separate people, silence does.
Talk things out- this is one of my secrets too 😉 I say what I feel and this weekend I feel like some extra care.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t punish yourself for not going for that run or being too busy to finish what you started.🤗


Photo by SEASHELL IN LOVE - Kristin on Unsplash

Enjoy your weekend, take a break, relax, rejuvenate, and come Monday be pepped up to create some magic.




Bonjour you lovely people!

Bonjour you lovely people!

What's up?

First of all sorry for keeping you waiting 🙏 (I hope you were :P). Started with something & it got a little serious 🙃 then this thought popped up💡 & here we are 😇

So let's get to the question. Whom are you living with?

I’m talking thing & not people. ✋


Well, we all feel insecure- about our health, our relationships, our financial standing, our way of conducting things… it can be about anything & it is real & disturbing.

But we are smart people, 😎 deep down we know what we are insecure about, but are we wise?

Do we understand that this insecurity we are living with is hurting us & maybe also the people around us?

Wanted to share an article or a video that could help, but realised

My insecurity- only I can uplift myself.

The question is, do I want to? 

I’ve heard a lot of people saying “Oh, I’m so worried about this thing. I’m stressed”

Again a question- how is your being worried about something solving the problem? 🤔

Ask yourself- are you a narrow thinker? Talking more about problems & less about the solution.


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Well too many questions...but there’s one more

एक सवाल जो सबके मन में उठ रहा है 

Where is the Professor?

Busy planning a new heist :P

Have you seen Money Heist? A must watch & also Cobra Kai, both available on Netflix.

Okay going back to questions- there’s one more answer to the question I asked first (the one in the subject line & now its people) 😛

Our loved ones, especially our elders.

Not many are able to step out of the house and also not much to do at home. Let’s talk more with our elders, spend time, involve them in whichever ways we can because being alone is good, but loneliness isn’t. 

Create a good support structure! 🙌