आप नहीं कोई और सही
Fri, July 8

You know
Someone will use it, if not you, your children, pets, or ants :p 🤔
How many of you are a hoarder? Or know some who are? 👀

Our elders had this habit of hoarding things (in their times' things were not that easily available also), keeping them safe for some special day but come that
day, the things are either expired, rotten or misplaced. 😅

So what is the lesson here
          1.Follow minimalism 📌
          2.Every day is a special day 🎉
          3.If you won’t use it, someone else might 🙃

Don’t die to live. Stop hoarding and start living.
How do you plan to live this weekend?

          1.Full timepass with 'Koffee With Karan' on Disney + Hotstar
          2.Feeling proud of our 'Major' on Netflix
          3.Or going up & down on 'Runway 34' on Prime Video

All पैसा वसूल content.

What else can you do that is पैसा वसूल
          1.Enjoy a relaxing pedicure 🐾
          2.Grab a coffee with your Mom & Dad ☕
          3.Cook some assorted pakoras 🌰🌶🌽

Or simply sit at your favourite spot in your house, switch on some relaxing music and breathe in breathe out - full पैसा वसूल without spending any 🤑

Have a happy weekend 😁