इन्तेहा हो गयी इंतज़ार की Sat, June 10

आयी न कुछ खबर Happiness AI की 😅🤔

आप न आये, पर हमे तो आना ही था 😉

तो इन दिनों में हमने क्या सीखा 

A solid sense of self is key to a good life 📌

A good life, according to Plato, involves living in harmony with one’s inner nature. To do this, one must understand their emotions and embrace who they are with truthfulness and knowledge.

Conquer yourself to liberate yourself 📌

Know this, 

A good life is not an outcome but a process, and it’s not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. 

It just means that you have to choose to make things work for you rather than against you.

एक और बात 

Acknowledge efforts… be it of your employees, colleagues, partner, family or friends.

A few words of love and appreciation can fill hearts. 🙏

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash