किसका है ये तुमको इंतज़ार? हम है ना Fri, Dec 25

Secret Santa🎅
New Year 🎆
Better Opportunities 💡

Everything is coming our way….सब्र का फल मीठा होता है 😅

But what to do, patience is a form of wisdom that we only gain with experience or age. Maybe this hopeful
prediction of 2022
ill give us the wisdom to understand that all things fall into place only when the time is right.

12 तभी बजेगी जब घड़ी की दो सुइयां मिलेगी!🕛

जब तक क्या किया जाए?
वही जो हम रोज़ करते है

थोड़ी मेहनत थोड़ी मस्ती!
और थोड़ी दुआएं

May health & happiness follow you & yours throughout the year to come.

Photo by Dan-Cristian Paduret on Unsplash

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄 and a very Happy & Prosperous 2022 🎉🎇🙌
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