सबकी चाल अलग है- किसी की धीमे किसी की तेज़ Fri, June 24

Someone you might know is ahead of you at someplace in life while someone you know is behind you. You might be ahead of someone and even behind
someone at someplace in life.

Does it make your achievement big or small? 🙃

It’s just that everyone you know is crawling, walking, or running at their own pace and neither you nor the opposite person can complain or

Why? सबकी चाल अलग है

तो एक जैसा क्या है? सपने 🔦

Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams (no matter big or small) and how can it be done?
By identifying your dreams…separating your dreams (dreams people want you to achieve)...working on your dreams. 📌

सपने पुरे करना आसान है, मुश्किल है उन पर रोज़ मेहनत करना

और क्या मुश्किल है?
अपने को अपनों के सपनो से अलग करना 🙏

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unspalsh

I know it’s a bit complex, but Gabbar Singh ये कह कर गया जो डर गया वो मर गया!

Never shy away from going after your dreams 🍻