All odd lessons to make our life even :D Fri, Oct 22

1 quote to ponder over this week
"People have a lot to say about lives, (that they’ve never lived)."

3 lessons I learned today

1.If you are appreciating someone, it is not that you are doing them some good, it is because that person is worth

2.If someone is hurt by what you said or did, even though it was not your intention to hurt them, they have the right
   to feel bad
baout it.

3.It’s the it out

BTW did you know there are like 7 kinds of rest a person needs...
1.Physical- sleeping, napping, breathing exercises, hot baths, massages
2.Mental- Give yourself mental breaks- meditate, focus on one thing at a time
3.Emotional- Establish & maintain boundaries
4.Spiritual- Connect with the higher force
5.Social- Differentiate between relationships that drain & that restore
6.Sensory- Unplug, give your senses a break
7.Creative- Try to build sabbaticals- minutes or weeks or months

That’s a lot of rest needed…
but not this weekend...
Your parents have been waiting for the weekend for you to help them with your house chores :P

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

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