Azaadi ka looong weekend mahotsav Friday, Aug 12

What plans?
-Resting it out 💤
-Partying 🎉
-Movies 📽
-Weekend getaway 🚃
-Extended Rakhi celebration 👪
-Finishing pending chores 🛍
-Working on new ideas💡
So many choices…

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”📌

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unplash

Don’t know if you’ve ever given ‘choice’ such thoughtful thought but, it is one of the most powerful tools
         1.Every choice we make shuts and opens an infinite number of doors.
         2.We can change the direction of our life by a simple choice.
         3.It is all in our hands, hearts and minds.

What else is in our hands, hearts and minds?
Appreciating, nurturing and respecting our freedom by being responsible towards it.

“If you realise your responsibility, you will realize your destiny.” 🎯

Know this, your history is not your destiny anymore, make your choice and you can change the direction. Choice as we all realise is indeed a powerful tool.

Choose to be kind, choose to be happy 💟
Happy Weekend 🍻
Happy Independence Day 🏳