More joy, more play, more laughter, more fun... Fri, June 24

What do we need to do to have a playful, fun life? Be carefree

लापरवाह नहीं बेपरवाह! There’s a huge difference 😛


We sparkle when we are playful, but in the scheme of life, often times the playfulness is left behind. 


“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” - Bob Basso


So how do you make joy and fun a part of your everyday doings

Focus on that little voice in the back of your head and then distinguish, and separate the chaff from the grain. 🙈🙉🙊


It feels complex, but once you get into that zone, it actually is quite simple. 😇


Silencing the inner voice and experiencing more joy comes down to these 3 things

  1. Practice mental quiet - The mind is like a muscle. If you want it to perform for you in a certain way, you have to train it.

  2. Incorporate things you enjoy into your day and practice mental quiet while you experience them - The most effective thing you can do right now is to let yourself enjoy the moment. This moment—this joy—is what you work for. 

  3. Find things to enjoy in the things you don’t and practice mental quiet while you experience them - When you’re in a situation that’s not quite so fun, it might take work to come back to your peace of mind. It’s worth it to make the effort.


Fun used to be a priority when we were kids, and we used to do things that we enjoyed doing. Why not combine that priority with our other priorities?




Have a fun-filled weekend 🍾