Once in a while, try to simply do nothing :D Fri, Dec 10

There are so many things to do, so doing nothing might seem like a waste of time, but to do well, you need to
unplug ☺

Let’s unplug right now…by taking 3 deep breaths
Exhale 💤

जागो जी जागो!
आज का gyaan बाकी है 🎙

1 for 1
1.For every positive statement made about you, return the favour.
2.For every criticism, start with one piece of positive feedback.
3.For every person you meet, give them a smile 😁

A smile is the beginning of peace & once you realise how peace can make you free, you wouldn’t want to
go back to drama.

Libre comme l’air- free as a bird.

Which bird are you?
में अपनी favourite हूँ :P (person & bird, an owl)

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

आप क्या हो? हमे भी बताओ!

Have a chill weekend ✨
Here's something to get the vibe started रंगी सारी
Do nothing, Be nothing!