The best version of yourself is the change Friday, Sep 23

Hola πŸ–
How many of you heard your elders talk about the times that were
-All used to be togetherπŸ€—
-Less used to be more πŸ€‘
-People were sympathetic πŸ˜‡

Agreed, those were simpler times, but the people today are way less complex
-Less judgemental πŸ€—
-More inclusive πŸ€‘
-Embracing ourselves & others πŸ˜‡

We are becoming the change we wished to see in the world.
Exceptions are always there, (shallow thinkers, power players, selfish motives), but if you look around, a majority of people are working to better themselves.

The mantra is simple and if you are trying to find a mantra, try this quiz here

What else can we try? Here are a few innovative things to try, why should you?
Because trying something different from regular can help
1. Learn something new
2. Boost productivity
3. Breaks the routine

There are other things to break as well; Plates & nobody does it better than the Greeks- Smashing Plates (try (home) at your own risk :P)

Have a smashing weekend πŸ’₯