What is driving you currently? Fear; Money; Duty… Fri, Feb 11

We may not recognize what is driving us but there’s always a factor behind whatever is it we are doing.
From breathing to dancing to crying to spending time with loved ones…everything we do is because of some reason.
Just let that reason be inspiring- to you & others.

Faith over Fear
Passion over Money
Love over Duty

The right reason will lead you towards contentment!
अगर सोचो तो इस बात में बहुत गहराइयाँ है!

और कहा है गहराइयाँ? जी हा, Prime पर तो है ही, but यहाँ भी थोड़ी हैं 😅

You know when we are in our prime, be it when we are young or in power or come into a lot of money, our thinking is very different and then when we see life
up, close & personal, it changes our thought process.

वक़्त की मार का इंतज़ार क्यों करे, पहले ही क्यों न सीखे! 💡

We all want to be teachers, not learners. However, we miss the point that we can only teach well by becoming a learner. 🙏

ऊपर से गयी क्या?

It’s like leading by example! So if you want to teach someone something, be it your child, friend, colleague, parents; practice what you preach.

इसके आगे की बात
खुद को सवारों, दुनिया तो already बनी हुयी हैं!

But हा, we have one responsibility- to build our childrens' life- teach them to live a life of grace, compassion & confidence and for that, this is what
we need to follow first & then teach our children.

Have a love-full Valentine weekend 💘

P.S. Happy Anniversary Mrs & Mr Agrawal 🍻