Why are we such poor imitators? Fri, Nov 26

क्योकि नक़ल में भी अकल लगती है :D

The world is celebrating Thanksgiving, are we?
We just copy what we enjoy- the liberty, the party culture, the movies...what about the traditions?

The idea behind Thanksgiving is to be grateful, for everything & we should be, we are blessed people- well
educated, well travelled, with good exposure.

But there’s one thing I really fail to understand, why is it so difficult for us smart people to understand that
Yesterday (past) is lost & tomorrow (future) is hidden.
What we have today is the present & a chance every (to)day to live it to the best.

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Life is simple, English isn't (it's hilarious)
My favourite is full-body 🐖 Please tell me yours 😂

Have a great weekend ✨ 💃