Why do we stop people from crying? Fri, Nov 12

Have you ever noticed, whenever someone cries, we always say, it’s okay, don’t cry. 😢
But when someone is smiling, do we say, don’t smile? 🤔
Why can’t we accept sad emotions; crying is after all a release of built-up emotions.

Did you know, like energy, emotions also are contagious? What else are contagious...yawns :D 💯
Can you watch this without yawning?
It is difficult, so then what is easy?
Changing your mood...It took less than a minute to change your mood.

मौसम भी बदल रहा है और वक़्त तो बदलता ही रहता है, तो आप क्यों स्थिर है?

आज का ज्ञान 😬
हा अभी बाकी है :P

Some see it 6, some see it 9- कौन सही कौन गलत?

Photo by Julia Kuxenkov on Unsplash

ये सब कल सोचना
The only decision you need to make today is- bottle or glass 🍾✨😅