You don’t have to show; feel it! Fri, Jan 7

We are living in this fast, evolving world, where FOMO makes us do things more than we actually want to do.
‘Fear of missing out' 😬

Most of us think we have to do this & that & all of it because s/he is doing it.
Our focus lies more on not how to live our life well but on how to show people around us that we are living our
best life.

Every person has their unique journey and everyone has to go through their struggles to reach a point where they are
able to enjoy what they really want to do. It might seem easy on the outside, but inside all have their own demons to

We are best where we are! 🙃
And, at this time, it is best to be home :P 😷

Also, it’s best to give everyone the space they need and take that space for yourself too. And how can that be done
By finding a balance- I can just help you till here. आगे you have to figure it out; it’s your journey :D

Photo by Tamar on Unsplash

What else do you have to figure out 🤔
आज खाना में क्या खाये
For all the foodies who also enjoy a good read, here’s something interesting to read this weekend.

What else can you do this weekend? Start that conversation you have been trying to have.
Know that- talk should not be cheap. 🎯


P.S. Always prepare to be amazed, you’ll never be disappointed! 🤗