Do you agree? Fri, May 12

For each one of us, life is different. 

At every stage, life is different. 

With every learning, life is different.

So why is that we keep holding on to the life we were living earlier or the life we want to live in the future? 🤔

Life is simple if you are flexible. Life is complex if you are rigid. 😅

Yes, circumstances make us flexible or rigid, but our mindset can change our circumstances…manifestations.

Life is your creation 😇

Here are a few manifestations that you can inculcate in your everyday life 

I am blessed and abundant

Money is openly flowing into my life

I am attracting trusting and loving relationships

I choose to work smartly

What I am seeking is seeking me

Write it down in your to-do list & read it to yourself atleast once every day.

The key to it becoming a reality is your belief. First, you have to be convinced that it will work for you. 

Faith is what moves mountains. 📌

Believe in your manifestations.jpg
Photo by Mert Talay on Unsplash

But first things first, इतनी गर्मी है की पहले अपना दिमाग और शरीर ठंडा रखना होगा, and for that

Keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the day🍶🍾🍦 

Be smart about events; avoid scheduling around midday😎 

Schedule workouts or practices earlier or later in the day🏃💃 

Dress for the summers- fabrics that are cool, light-weight, light-coloured👚👗👓 

Eat smaller meals; include fruits, vegetables, lassi, aam panna, sugarcane juice 🍉🍍🍋

Not many things in life are in our hands, whatever little we have why not give it our best, every moment? ✋

Have a chill (not hot) weekend 🍻