If other people do it, that means it’s right. Right? Fri, Apr 21

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How much of what you do is based on what others around you are doing? 🤔 There’s a hep word for it these days, influencers or as we know it, the bandwagon effect. 🤘

Your political ideology, your shopping choices, your stock investments, your holiday planning, your choice of school…


Consciously or unconsciously, we are influenced by the attitudes and behaviours of those around us. It can be your parents, boss, partner, friends, colleagues, public figure… 


Most of us use the decisions of others as a mental shortcut to navigate our lives. 🎯


“Civilization advances by extending the number of operations we can perform without thinking about them." Alfred North Whitehead 


Just know what are the reasons for you following them, is it that you

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उसके थे जो सपने वही उसके थे अपने, ऐसा था Sindbad the Sailor


There’s no right or wrong here, just a thoughtful reflection on what social influence has on us. It may lead us to a greater awareness of ourselves and our relationships with others.💡


Social proof after all is a shortcut to deciding how to act. 🙌