Tell us your thoughts? We wish to know you, even more ;) Wed, Feb 21


I was just having a discussion with one of our mentors here, talking about thought leadership. He wanted to know my opinion & I thought let's all of us talk about it.

I believe it is more about giving a solution and less about stating a personal opinion. What do you think?

Also, how would you describe a LEADER, in one word?

For me it is PROGRESSIVE

What about you? One word.📣

Everything is about words- how you say it, how you interpret it, how you type it.

That brings us to Walkover Typing Competition. Are you working on your typing skills?⌨

You know how much we love growth- ours & yours- and that's why we're introducing this new skill set where for our CULTURE to evolve (that is made by all of us) we need to work on our DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY skills (all 3 pillars of Walkover)📌

Learning is our growth mantra coz we are PROGRESSIVE & evolve with every new step we take ;)

That's all for this time guys! Enjoy your week🏡😉