What works for you- mind full or mindful Fri, Jan 26

We all came into this world with a clean slate of mind.👼 

Over the years, we gained knowledge, started learning how to live, collected preferences, biases, opinions, ideas, and so much more.🫣😛🤔 


Today, we stand tall with all these learnings that keep our minds full. 

We think ourselves to be the smarter beings who know how to be competitive in this world.


But do we know that our minds need to be empty and not full to live a content life?🧐 


Not mind full but mindful- of our thoughts, actions, and world.


People who have their minds full (mostly with thoughts of the past or future) tend to be more anxious. Their minds are always working. They don’t know how to relax. It’s difficult for them to go inside themselves, so they prefer to be more about the outside world.🫣 


We all know such people, either we are one of them or someone close to us.😔 


When you are mindful (in the present), you know thyself, you understand what is important, and you can also make out (not judge) if someone is mindfull or mindful.


The problem is with both kinds of people-

mindful people wish for the ones with minds full to take it easy and people who have their minds full avoid being around mindful people.😅 


So what to do?

बहुत मेहनत के बाद ये निष्कर्ष पर पहुंचे है की 

Let everyone be.🫷 

Love is the answer.jpg

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

No matter how much you care for someone, you can only help those who want to be helped.🙏💡 


May the spirit of freedom inspire us to build a prosperous, just, and inclusive future for all.📌 

Happy Republic Day