What you give power to, has power over you Fri, Jan 12

Have you heard about the story of two wolves?🐺 

There are two wolves inside each person, one representing good and the other evil.❤️🖤 

Which wolf will win? 

The one you feed.📌 


Our mind is such a beautiful machine. It overruns at the slightest speed. Be it on the positive side or the negative. 

Which side will win?

The one I feed.📌 

Overthinking kills your happiness.jpg
Photo by Liam Nguyen on Unsplash


It’s easier said than done but then life is all about learning and learning doesn’t come until you have experiences. Make your experiences your stepping stone to be a better version of yourself🥂. 


Surround yourself with people who get you- your insecurities, your weaknesses, your strengths. And be that kind of person who gets people🫂


Take the power back in your hand.📌 


Have a good weekend✨✨